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Turkey Citizenship

Turkey Citizenship by Investment

The amount required to obtain Turkish citizenship through real estate investment has changed in accordance with the new law. The most recent change allows foreigners who buy a property worth at least $400,000 to apply for Turkish citizenship. Along with the investor, the investor’s lawfully wed spouse, and any children under 18 are also covered by this option.

  • Get full medical assistance
  • Live, Work, and Study in Turkey
  • Enjoy a high-quality life at affordable costs

  • Visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to 112 countries including Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore
  • Free schooling. 
  • Citizenship of a country that enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate, beautiful scenery, and a high standard of living
  • Full citizenship is granted to the applicant and including family members
  • Eligibility for an E-2 Investor Visa in the USA for a five-year renewable period
  • Access to a transcontinental Eurasian country that is a stable economic, financial, and political hub between Europe, Western Asia, and the Middle East

Benefits of Having a Turkish Passport

Turkey is a nation with a beautiful history and a great future. Therefore, having a Turkish passport is a source of pride for many people, which they consider a real gift. The country is a combination of the ancient and modern western world. Therefore, getting Turkish citizenship holds many benefits.

Citizenship Investment Limits

Required minimum investment limits for the citizenship program are as follows:

  • Real Estate Investment     $400,000
  • Bank Deposit                       $500,000
  • Capital Investment             $500,000

Citizenship to Turkey is granted within 90 Days following the applicant’s investment. The applicant must hold the investment for a minimum of 3 years.

Residence Permit

If you buy a property of minimum $50,000 & you are looking over that then you are eligible for residency program. You can apply for passport after 5 years if you choose $50,000 Program.

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Documents Required to Apply for Turkey Citizenship

  • Passport or equivalent ID proof
  • Marriage certificate (if applicable)
  • Birth certificate
  • Civil registration document
  • Employment certificate
  • Receipt to show payment of service fees